How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last

How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last
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Once your golf cart battery ended up in between your game. It caused humiliation for you in front of your friends. It happened because you didn’t know some factors and tips for the long-lasting of your cart battery.

How long do golf cart batteries last is the standard but most asked question? Like every golf cart is different and has different features, every golf cart has its own battery life. But there are some ways you can make your golf cart battery last longer. Making your golf cart battery last longer requires proper care of the storm.

Although, some things can hurt your battery. We have talked about their solution in this article. We also mentioned some tips and tricks to make your golf cart battery last longer. So stick to the end to get the best of your golf cart battery.

What is the average life of golf cart batteries?

In most cases, the average life of the golf cart batteries is about 5 to 10 years. But, it depends on how you take care of these batteries. Some people say their golf cart batteries lasted for several months, and some say their golf cart batteries lasted for many years.
It also depends on the brand of the battery. Good brands’ batteries usually last longer than local brands. So try to invest in a good battery.
If you drive your golf cart for a long time multiple times in a week, then your batteries will not last longer than someone who pushes his golf cart on the weekends. Golf carts are not made for regular use.
Now the question is how to make your golf cart batteries last longer. Replacing your batteries could be costly and time-consuming. To maintain the life of your golf cart battery, you need to take proper care of it.

The factors that affect golf cart Batteries life

Some significant factors can affect the life of your golf cart batteries. So you have to avoid these things to make your batteries last longer.


If you want your batteries to last longer, overcharging your golf cart batteries is the first thing you need to avoid doing. Just like your laptops when you soaked them, and they barely last longer.
Laptops or mobile phones come with a sensor to prevent overcharging. But, most golf cart chargers don’t have this feature. So it would be best if you were careful while charging your golf cart. Try to avoid putting it on charging overnight.

How long your golf cart takes to charge

If you know how long your golf cart takes to charge, then you can avoid them getting overcharged. Read your golf cart manual. The golf cart manual always mentions your golf cart battery how long it will take to charge.
Don’t go over the limitation mentioned in the manual. For example, your golf cart takes 5 hours to charge, and you trust them for 7 hours. It will have an impact on your golf cart battery’s life.

Your golf cart limits

Driving your golf cart past your limits can have a destructive impact on batteries. A golf cart is made for driving in a small distance. Try to go to it in a small area.
If you drive your golf cart long-distance or go it on hills and put on a lot of weight while driving in it. All limitations are mentioned in the golf cart manual.

Leaving electrical power on

Leaving the lights, radio, or any other electrical feature of your golf cart when it’s not in use will be bad for your batteries, and suddenly your batteries will be discharged. It will have significant damage to your batteries over time. When you are leaving your golf cart, turn off everything. Check it twice, just in case.

Tips to make your golf cart batteries last longer

Taking proper care of your golf cart batteries can help you make them last longer than the average life of batteries. You can apply some tips to get the best of your batteries.


As you know, overcharging your golf cart batteries can lead you to damaged batteries over time. So you should invest in a type of charger which turns itself off when batteries are fully charged. If you use a manual charger, it’s better to set the alarm to turn off the charger when the batteries are charged.

Maintain the level of fluids

Your golf cart batteries need water to work, not just ordinary water. Your golf cart battery needs distilled water. It’s better to check your battery’s water level every few months. Look for water level marking on the battery while putting water in it. Don’t drive your golf cart if there is no water in the storm. Doing this will cause your battery damage.

Charge your batteries after each use

If you want to get the best of your golf cart battery, try to charge them after each use. Charging the battery after each service doesn’t mean overcharging the battery. Driving your golf cart until its battery completely dies can be bad for the batteries.

Replacing your golf cart battery

The average life of a golf cart battery is from five to ten years with proper care. When you see signs, you think it’s time to replace them. Make sure to replace them with high-quality branded batteries, so you won’t have to replace them anytime soon.

How many hours battery will last?

We have discussed some factors for the long-lasting battery. The tips are also shared for giving golf batteries long life. Your golf cart battery will last eight usable hours if you follow these tips and tricks.
I hope this article has helped you out.

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