How much does a Golf Cart weigh

How much does a Golf Cart weigh? Things you need to know

How much does a Golf Cart weigh? Things you need to know

How much does a Golf Cart weigh
How much does a Golf Cart weigh

Have you ever wondered how much a golf cart weighs? The weight of a golf cart can play an essential role in your decision-making in deciding on your cart of the future.

The average golf truck weight ranges between 800 and 1100 pounds, yet this changes on a few components. A few things that can influence the heaviness of your golf truck include:

  1. Battery weight
  2. Golf cart size(seats)
  3. Electric vs. gas cart
  4. Accessories put on the cart

How Much Weight Do Batteries Add?

In the wake of seeing that battery weight is a significant factor in the regular load of a golf truck, you are presumably pondering, what amount do golf truck batteries gauge? Your golf truck’s battery weight can undoubtedly go somewhere in the range of 10 to 300 pounds. Some golf trucks require bigger batteries, and now and again, more than one.

If you are attempting to distinguish between EZ-GO or club vehicle weight with batteries, they will have around a similar weight territory. So how substantial is a golf truck with and without batteries? Two terms portray the heaviness of a golf truck in the two situations.

These two terms are:

  1. Dry weight
  2. Curb weight

Dry weight:

The dry weight of a golfing cart measures what the cart will weigh without the setup of the battery or golfing cart accessories. The motive for those unique weights is that components like the battery can work without difficulty upload a superb quantity of weight on your golfing cart.

Curb weight:

You will maximum probable want to apply the diminished weight as your reference due to the fact your golfing cart will possibly be in its finished kingdom with the battery and enhancements installed. The diminished weight is what your golfing cart will weigh with the batteries installed.


Trojan T-605 | 6 Volts | 58 lbs

Trojan T-105 | 6 Volts | 62 lbs

Trojan L16G-AC | 6 Volts | 104 lbs

Interstate U2200 | 6 Volts | 63 lbs

Interstate U2500 | 6 Volts | 72 lbs

Interstate AGC2N | 6 Volts | 66 lbs

Important Point

Because of the multiple variables that go into the calculation, putting an accurate weight on any golf cart is challenging. All of the criteria stated, as well as possibly other factors, will influence the weight. Contacting the manufacturer is the best approach to find out how much your cart weighs.

Electric Cart vs Gas Cart

What is the difference in weight between an electric and a gas golf cart? Is there a weight difference between each type of golf cart? Yes, there is a distinction. Because electric golf carts rely entirely on battery power, they are typically heavier than gas golf carts. The number of battery cells in an electric golf cart can range from four to six, increasing the cart’s curb weight.

Here are a few examples of various golf cart weights to give you an idea of how much a cart’s weight might vary.

Club Car Villager 2 person golf cart weight:

48-volt electric 975 lbs; gas 675 pounds

Club Car Golf Cart  4 person Weight:

48-volt Electric 1125 lbs; Gas 875 lbs

Club Car precedent Golf Cart 6 person weight:

HP Electric, 1293 lbs; Gas 980 lbs

Golf Cart Weight Limit for Cargo and Passengers

Most golf carts will accommodate passengers weighing up to 200 pounds in each seat; however, this maximum will be increased for golf carts with more passengers. To be on the safe side, make sure you’re not transporting more people than there are seats. Here are a few instances of how much weight a golf cart can handle.

  • 2 passenger: ~ 400-550 lbs
  • 4 passenger: ~ 800 lbs
  • 6 passenger: ~ 1500 lbs
  • 2 passenger Utility: ~ 800-1200 lbs

H2-  Must know:

To extend the life of your golf cart, it is recommended that you do not exceed the weight limit that it can carry. When there are too many people on a golf cart, the cart may drive at a slower speed than usual. If you do this too often, it may damage your carts’ power system.

How much weight can a golf cart tow?

The average golf cart can tow around 1,000 lbs of cargo, but some can tow more. Golf cart towing is a valuable way to transport smaller cargo short distances without using a full-size vehicle. So what can you tow with a golf cart? The brand and specs of your golf cart will influence how much weight your golf cart can tow.

The drive of your golf cart impacts how much your golf cart can tow.

The drive of your golf cart impacts how much your golf cart can tow. So how much hp does a golf cart have? An electric cart has between 3-5hp, and a gas cart has approximately 10-12hp, so you’ll be able to tow more weight with a gas golf cart because it will have more torque control even though there are a few exemptions like a 48-volt Club Car DS, which can have up to 10hp. You’ll check how much drive your cart demonstrates has with a producer on the off chance that you need to know the correct number.

Sometimes recently utilizing your golf cart to tow, it makes beyond any doubt you know that the cart can handle the weight; sometimes, recently, you commit to it. Moreover, you’ll need to form beyond any doubt that tire weight on your golf cart is at the right psi, so you are not harming your cart. A few things merely will most likely be able to tow with a golf cart incorporate:

  • Jet Ski
  • Small Boat
  • Small Trailer
  • Another golf cart

Examples of golf carts with their weights:

Yamaha The Drive Electric: 535 Pounds

Yamaha The Drive Gas: 536 Pounds

Yamaha G22 Electric: 549 Pounds

Yamaha G22 Gas: 670 Pounds

Yamaha G19 Electric: 560 Pounds

Yamaha G19 Gas: N/A

Yamaha G19 Electric: 560 Pounds

Yamaha G19 Gas: N/A

Yamaha G16 Electric: 560 Pounds

Yamaha G16 Gas: 653 Pounds

Yamaha G14 Electric: 560 Pounds

Yamaha G14 Gas: 661 Pounds

Yamaha G9 Electric: 519 Pounds

Yamaha G9 Gas: 606 Pounds

Yamaha G8 Electric: 556 Pounds

Yamaha G8 Gas: 672 Pounds

Yamaha G5 Sun Classic: 798 Pounds

Yamaha G2 Electric: N/A

Yamaha G2 Gas: 606 Pounds

Yamaha G1 Gas: 684 Pounds

Club Car Precedent Electric: 495 Pounds

Club Car Precedent Gas: 606 Pounds

Club Car DS IQ-System Electric: 498 Pounds

Club Car DS Gas: 619 Pounds

EZGO RXV Electric: 571 Pounds

EZGO RXV Gas: 697 Pounds

EZGO Medalist/TXT Electric: 550 Pounds

EZGO Medalist/TXT Gas: 750 Pounds

EZGO Marathon Electric: N/A

EZGO Marathon Gas: N/A

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