How to Remove the Fake Nails with Hot Water

How to Remove the Fake Nails with Hot Water

How to Remove the Fake Nails with Hot Water

You got fake nails, but you have fed up with them now. How can you remove them at home? Here, I have demonstrated the whole procedure for you. You can avoid wasting money on the salon by following these steps.

Fake nails are an easy and classy way to make your nails look beautiful. Because they can improve your style and add a lot of glamorous appearances, no one can deny the importance of fake nails in today’s world because they are one of the pillars of femininity. But like all makeup, they also need to be removed at a certain point. However, it can be confusing when it comes to removing fake nails.

So, it is recommended to go to a professional Salon, but you want to save money. The easy and quick way of removing fake nails is obviously by using Acetone, but Acetone can lead to skin problems.

So, the safest way of removing fake nails is by using hot water. So, here we’ll guide you on removing fake nails with hot water at home. Let’s get straight into it.

Things you will need

  • A Bowl of Luke Warm Water
  • • Orange Stick / Toothpick
  • • Nail Filer
  • • Cuticle Oil Or any Moisturizer

Steps to follow to remove fake nails with hot water

Trim your nails

Trim your fake nails as short as you can. But be careful don’t trim the original nails. It will help remove fake nails because less material is left behind.

Getting the Lukewarm water

  1.  Take the lukewarm water for the removal of fake nails. Ensure that the water temperature is between cold and the whole boiling state. After that, it has become warm enough to soak your hands in it.
  2.  Pour the lukewarm water into the bowl. Make sure the bowl must be large enough to soak both hands.

Soak your Fingers/Hands in water

Soak both of your hands into the bowl of lukewarm water for about 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure all of your fingers and nails completely dip into the lukewarm water.

Wait patiently

At this stage, all you need is a heaping dose of patience. You can watch TV or listen to your favorite playlist. Please keep your fingers in the water until you feel movement in the nails and start swelling.

Try to Separate the fake nails

Now fake nails start expanding. So, gently start trying to take it off. If they do not, then don’t pull your nails forcefully, and be sure to soak your hands back into the water again.

Reheat the Water

If your nails do not remove in a single attempt, reheat the water and soak the fingers in it again. You might have to opt for multiple such sessions for best results rather than a single one.

Using an Orange Stick/Toothpick for Easy removal

Another easier way to separate the fake nails from the original one is by using pointed objects like Orange sticks or toothpicks. They are instrumental in separating the fake nails.

Complete Both Hands

Once you have removed, the first-hand nails work for the rest of your nails and onto the second when it is ready. Then remove all the fake nails gently.

Remove the Remaining Glue

After removing the fake nails, you will notice an excess of glue left behind on your nails. We will tell you the simple way by which you can easily remove the glue left behind on your nails. The best way is to use the nail filer to remove the glue from the nails. But if you don’t use the nail filer before, be careful and see some tutorials and then use it for the best and most effective results. So, it will enable you to get the gleaming nails once again.

Moisturize Your Cuticles

Moisturize your cuticles gently by using cuticle oil or any moisturizer that suits your skin.

Why Should You Use Hot Water to Remove Fake Nails

Water is a natural ingredient that cannot damage your skin. Regular use of chemicals like Acetone causes permanent problems like dryness, itching, and damage to your skin. As we know, Acetone is the fastest and most quick method to remove fake nails because it immediately dissolves the chemical in them. Still, it is not safe because the skin around the cuticles is very soft and sensitive. Using Hot water is the harmless and safest way of removing fake Nails, and it gives long-lasting benefits.

Precautions While Removing Fake Nails with Hot Water

  • Make sure that you never pull your nails forcefully because it harms your natural nails and damages their edges.
  • If you face difficulty in removing fake nails, reheat the water and put your hands back in the lukewarm water for about 5 minutes. Then the nail will quickly come off.
  • Fake nails contain artificial chemicals, so sometimes these chemicals react to our sensitive skin, which affects the natural growth of your nails.
  • Don’t go for new fake nails right after using the old one. Give the sufficient gap of about one month and then start wearing it again.
  • Add a sufficient amount of calcium to your diet and take supplements. There is nothing better than calcium to enhance the growth of your nails.
  • Moisturizing is essential for nail growth. Use any cuticle oil or moisturizer which nourishes your skin because excess use of artificial nails absorbs the natural oil from your skin.

DIY After-Care for your Nails at Home

If you cannot afford to go to a salon for an ideal manicure or have sufficient time. Then make sure you do it at home by following these simple steps because an ideal manicure is necessary for repairing the damaged skin.

Steps you will follow

  1. Take a bowl of lukewarm water.
  2.  Add one spoon of your favorite shampoo in that lukewarm water and dip your hands for about five minutes.
  3. Take a brush and damaged skin around the cuticles gently.
  4. Wipe your hands with a clean towel and dry gently.
  5. Take nail filler and push your cuticles mildly.
  6. Cut off the extra skin around your nails.
  7.  Apply a moisturizer or any cuticle oil around the cuticles to get soft skin.

Healing your nails

To prevent nail growth, make sure you give a sufficient gap of a minimum couple of weeks before you opt it again to heal your nails. It will give enough time for your natural nails to grow back stronger. If you remove the fake nails and directly opt for new ones, this process will stop the growth of natural nails because they will have no time to heal themselves. Always apply cuticle oil on your nails to ensure that they remain healthy and strong.
Always try to find a safe and effective method instead of quick and easy. Undoubtedly removing fake nails using hot water is the best available natural and effective method. This method does not dry out your nails and does not involve chemicals that harm your skin, so now you know how to remove fake nails with hot water effectively. So take care of your nails, take regular breaks from fake nails, and moisturize it with cuticle oil.
Now, hopefully, by following all these steps, you can easily remove your fake nails without damaging your natural nails.

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