What are Cyber Security Threats

What are Cyber Security Threats

What are Cyber Security Threats

What are Cyber Security Threats?

As today’s world is getting more advanced, threats and risks to our data, information, and resources are increasing. The threats in which there is a chance of data loss, unauthorized access, or compromisation due to some electronic means by a person, organization, or group of people are called Cyber Security Threats. There are a lot of cyber security threats nowadays but we will discuss some of them here.
  • Hacker
  • Cracker
  • Script Kiddie
  • Spy


 A person who gets unauthorized access to some data, information, or resources by breaking into a system or a computer network is called a Hacker.

They have advanced knowledge about computer architecture and networks. Many hackers work in groups to attack larger systems like servers or networks of organizations. A hacker can access, destroy or compromise data, information, or resources. The whole world, lawsuits about hacking are very strict and by violating these regulations, a person can be put into jail for more than 30 years when found guilty.

There are three main types of hackers – White Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers, & Grey Hat Hackers.

White Hat Hackers

These hackers have complete permission of government organizations to break into a system for positive actions like helping an organization to test their vulnerabilities or bugs. They use their knowledge for helping others and are mostly hired by government and private organizations to protect their data against hacking attacks. They are paid huge salaries for their jobs.

Black Hat Hackers

They use their knowledge mostly in negative actions like accessing critical data of an organization and selling it online, Destroying important data, or doing frauds related to finance. They are commonly named blackhats and they don’t care about any law or rules and regulations. They are bad people of hacking the world and for them, it doesn’t make any difference if they harm anyone’s data, information, or privacy. They just have concerns with money or some personal issues.

Grey Hat Hackers

Somewhere between Black Hat Hackers and White Hat Hackers, there are some grey hat hackers. They find bugs and flaws in websites, systems, and networks of huge organizations without needed permission and then report the bugs to the company owners. To remove those bugs or flaws, they demand a fee. Many Grey hat Hackers think that they are doing a good job in finding problems, but most company owners do not much appreciate them because breaking into someone’s system without permission is unethical.


Like hackers, crackers are also those people who gain unauthorized access to data, information, or resources. But they don’t have much-advanced knowledge about networks or computers, they just know some tricks to bypass passwords and logins. Their work remains hidden as they do everything alone and do not work in a group usually. The most common type of threats caused by crackers is social media account hacking, bank account frauds, and password bypass.

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