7 Killer SEO Tips to Achieve Top Positions on Google

7 Killer SEO Tips to Achieve Top Positions on Google

7 Killer SEO Tips to Achieve Top Positions on Google

The main goal of any website is to get top positions on Google. Getting positions on the first page of Google means a lot of organic traffic. Every blogger starts his blog site with this goal in mind. However, getting top positions on Google is not an easy task. Every blog writer tries to create content based on different SEO techniques that will succeed in getting the top ranking of Google.
Because the task is not easy that is why many bloggers do not get desired results. This makes them frustrated. Failure to reach Google’s top positions has resulted in many bloggers stopping working again. That frustration is the first reason they fail to achieve the top ranking on SERPs.
 In this article, we will uncover 7 killer SEO tips that will help you to achieve top positions on Google.

Proper Keywords Research Helps to Achieve Top Positions on Google

The most important thing to get top positions on search engines is keyword research. Keywords are the key signals based on which Google or any other search engine gives top ranking to any page. When your page has the required keywords, Google or any other search engine will provide top positions to the best pages based on the content of the website and user intent.
There are many tools and methods for researching keywords. With these tools, you can search for your desired keywords. Some of the popular tools include Google autocomplete, Ubersuggest, Ahref, Moz, etc.
One thing to keep in mind when researching keywords is that the competition for keywords should be minimal. Achieving Google’s top rankings would be easier if you could search for long-tail keywords and try to target your content.
The reason behind targeting long-tail keywords is that they usually have low competition which makes them rank easier and faster. When you have done keywords research then try to create content that is optimized for the targeted keywords.

Content Quality Matters in Top Rankings

The second most important thing to get top ranking on Google or any other search engine is content quality. Content has always been considered a king and the better its quality, the more it will matter in achieving top rankings in SERPs.
 If your content is user-friendly, solves user problems, and provides the required information, it will be easier for you to achieve desired rankings. Your content should be easy for the user to understand. Quality content is always original and does not include plagiarism.
Google and other search engines always value original and quality content. Improving the quality of content requires that it contain accurate information and a layout of content that is easy for both Google and the user to understand.
Using proper heading and subheadings structures like H1, H2, H3, etc in your content helps in getting top positions on google.

Do On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is one of the most helpful factors in achieving top Google rankings. The most important thing is to create optimized content with the help of keywords.
You need to keep in mind the following points to do better on-page SEO.
  •  Include keywords naturally in key places in the blog post
  •  The h1 and h2 headings must include keywords at least once
  • Optimize title tags with your targeted keywords to achieve desired rankings in SERPs
  • Write concise but optimized meta descriptions having targeted keywords
  • URLs must be optimized with keywords.
When you do not ignore on-page SEO, this will increase your chances of getting high positions in Google.

Internal Linking Affects Top Positions in Google

Many bloggers ignore interlinking relevant pages in their blog posts. Doing so is a very irresponsible decision. According to some SEO experts, internal linking is an important factor in Google rankings that you should never ignore.
When you interlink relevant articles in your blog, the page’s authority increases. This way you can not only drive traffic from one article to another but also help your blog to get first-page ranking in search engines.

Install SSL Certificate for High Ranking in Google

If your website is HTTP, first install the SSL certificate. SSL certificate protects your website and identity. If you want to rank high on Google, installing an SSL certificate is very important for your website. Google prioritizes HTTPS web addresses, or say websites with SSL certificates installed, on a priority basis. This makes SSL certificates an important ranking factor for Google.

Guest Posting: An Easy Way to Get Top Positions In SERPs

Guest posting simply means that you write your article as a guest writer on a popular and high-domain authoritative website.
For guest posting, you need to find a website with high domain authority related to your niche. You can then write a high-quality blog post and request guest posting by contacting the owner of the website via email or contact us. You can get backlinks to your website which will not only pass organic traffic to your blog post but also an authorization signal.
This is how you can get backlinks from high authority websites through guest posting which will be very helpful in ranking you in Google.

Site Speed: An Important Ranking Factor

When Google decides to rank a page, it attaches great importance to the loading speed of the website among many other factors. If the loading speed of the website is high then Google prefers to rank such websites.
Not only does Google not rank sites that have a speed of more than 4 or 5 seconds, but the user also goes back to another website without waiting for the loading time. With all of this in mind, if you want to get top positions on Google, speed up your website.


Although getting a top ranking on Google is not an easy task, you can make it possible by using a few SEO techniques. Here are some of the best SEO tips to follow:
  • First, research your target keywords using any of the tools available
  • Create content and do on-page optimization using keywords
  • Pay special attention to content quality and heading structures
  • Never ignore the value of internal linking
  • Secure your website and install the SSL certificate
  • Get the most out of backlinks by guest posting
  • Keep the speed of the website as fast as possible
When you pay special attention to these SEO tips, then you can increase your chances of achieving top positions on Google.

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