How to Learn English Grammar from Basic Level?

How to Learn English Grammar from Basic Level?

How to Learn English Grammar from Basic Level?

As the world is changing into a global village through information technology. Similarly, the importance of the English language is increasing. From taking exams in schools or colleges to meeting anyone to getting jobs and signing business contracts, the English language is the primary source of communication.

If you want to work in the offline market or freelance market, you need to be fluent in English. As most people are not fluent in English, it is important for them to learn  English grammar from a basic level.

Some people find it very difficult to learn English grammar. So in this article, we will talk about some basic courses and books. After that, of course, you can easily learn English grammar from a basic level.

Learn Basic English Grammar from YouTube

YouTube is a vast treasure trove of knowledge today. From here you can get the knowledge you want at any time. Here you will not only get ample knowledge but you will not have to pay any course fee. It is totally free.

If you face difficulty in writing or speaking English, there is no better way other than YouTube to learn English grammar from a basic level. Below are some famous YouTube channels we have chosen after extensive research which will help you in learning English grammar.

Bob The Canadian

The first YouTube channel on our list is Bob the Canadian. He is a high school teacher living in Toronto, Canada. His channel is popular all over the world among learners of basic English grammar and everyday speech.

His style of teaching is the simplest and most distinct. This unique style is the reason for his recognition in the world. He teaches brilliantly using everyday situations and idioms. He presents conversations in everyday life and at different common places in simple English. His accent is very easy to understand. What is special about his videos is that he uses simple language subtitles that are easy to read and understand.

BBC Learn English

The second channel on our list is BBC Learn English. This YouTube channel is nothing short of a cash cow for English learners.

A team of professionals and experts from BBC run this YouTube channel. This channel has everything to learn English grammar from basic level to correct word usage and accuracy of a British accent.

This channel also presents various news reports in simple English to help learners improve their English vocabulary. This channel has a separate playlist for passing various English language tests. The videos aren’t too long and the production quality is brilliant.

This channel is surely the most helpful to learn English grammar from a basic level.


The third best YouTube channel we have chosen after extensive research is Jennifer ESL. Jennifer has extensive experience teaching American English. This channel has videos and playlists to learn English grammar from basic to advanced levels.

You will definitely find some knowledge about every aspect of English grammar in this channel. In this channel, you will find separate playlists of prepositions and phrases which are commonly used in daily life conversation. There are also a variety of English language courses available on this YouTube channel. These courses are no less than any expensive paid courses.

Real English

The fourth YouTube channel we’ve searched for you is Real English. This is a very helpful channel for learning Basic English. It offers you a variety of conversations from basic English spoken to real-world experiences. In the videos on this channel, you will see real people interacting in different situations. The videos are available with subtitles so that you can understand them easily.

Learn American English

The fifth channel on our list is Learn American English. This is a great channel for learning mainly American English. With the help of this channel, you can easily learn English grammar from a basic level and learn to use different American idioms, phrases, slang, etc.

On this YouTube channel, you can learn many unique American words which are different from British English and are commonly used in daily life conversations.

Best Books to Learn English Grammar from Basic Level

When it comes to learning basic English grammar, you must have some excellent books. If you have a few good books, you can do a lot of self-study to learn English grammar from the basic level at home. In addition to learning from online sources such as YouTube, books will add up your knowledge. These books can also help you to practice different exercises at home and correct your mistakes.

We have analyzed some of the best English grammar books that can be very helpful for you. Below are some of the best English grammar books you must have a look at.

English Grammar in Use

The first book that comes to mind when learning English from the basic level at home is English Grammar in Use. This English grammar book is written by Raymond Murphy. Raymond Murphy’s book is no less than a lottery for English learners at home. In this book, every lesson of English grammar is explained in a very simple way. Exercises are given to practice each grammar lesson. The learner can see the best performance by solving the exercises.

An edition of this book comes with answers. Buying this edition can be very rewarding. The learner can not only practice the exercises but also correct his/her mistakes.

Practical English Usage

The problem with most English grammar books is that they contain unnecessary and complex information. The learner gets bored due to not being able to find the solution to the real problems of English grammar. The student tries to skip lessons due to unnecessary complex information. The solution to all these problems is the Practical English Usage written by Michael Swan.

This is the best book to learn from a basic level of English grammar to an advanced level. The book is written in plain language. Every English grammar lesson is addressed in a way that helps to solve the problems of English grammar learners. Each and every topic is well explained. Several editions of this book have been published for over 4 decades. Many students and teachers are taking benefit from this book.

A-Z of English Grammar and Usage

Reading grammar books that are lengthy and confusing often makes you sleepy, so this book can solve your problems. A-Z of English Grammar and Usage is a great choice when it comes to learning the practical use of English grammar. The words in this book are very well organized.

The author has paid much attention to the practical and technical implications of learning English grammar from the basic level using simple language. What sets this book apart from other books is that it includes chapters on technical writing, such as letter writing, etc.,

Blue Book of English Grammar and Punctuation

The Blue Book of English Grammar and Punctuation is the one-stop solution to all the principles of English grammar. It is one of the best-selling and most-read grammar books in the world. Here are some unique features of this book


  • This book explains all the principles to learn English grammar from a basic level with many examples.
  • The book provides a variety of exercises and tests that students can solve to benefit greatly.
  • The principles of punctuation are very well explained in simple language.
  • English grammar has been simplified from basic level to advanced level with the help of very clear but concise examples.


English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin

The name that often comes to the minds of school and college students to learn English grammar from the basic level is the English grammar and composition written by Wren & Martin. This book is very popular among school and college students and teachers. Basic grammar and composition lessons are presented in simple language. This book is easy to learn about the basics of grammar as well as other grammar subjects.

This book is published in several editions to make the learning process easier with a few changes and more examples. The most important thing about the book is that there are many examples and exercises for students to practice.

There is also an answer edition of this book. This answer book contains the answers to all the exercises. Students can refer to this answer book to improve their practice and correct mistakes. This way you can master English grammar from a basic level through good and error-free practice.

Final Words

After discussing some of the best books and YouTube channels, it is easy to conclude that learning English grammar is not very difficult. Even if you don’t know anything, there is still some way for you to learn. You can easily learn from YouTube and understand well from books. Practicing exercises can help you learn from mistakes and improve your grammar.

The most important thing for all of this is hard work. With consistency, dedication, and regulation in your work, you can learn much better. This dedication, commitment, eagerness, and hard work will surely pay you one day. Do you have your say about this discussion?

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