Cleaner Jobs in Poland 2022


Cleaner Jobs in Poland – Expected Growth of 40% Between Now and 2022

The average salary for a Cleaner in Poland is PLN 40,364 per year, or PLN 19 per hour. The range of pay is from PLN 31,202 to PLN 46,419, depending on education level. The highest level of education for a Cleaner is a less-than-high school degree. The salary data are based on ERI salary surveys. The cost of living data come from actual housing sales data from commercial sources, as well as gas and property

Expected growth of almost 40%

Cleaner jobs are expected to see an increase in demand, with an expected growth of almost 40% between now and 2022. In Poland, the median salary for this occupation is 2,740 PLN per month, making it a middle-wage occupation. Starting salaries can be much higher, and the higher the starting salary, the more compensation you can expect. However, it is important to note that this salary is significantly lower than the average for the other occupations in Poland.

Average salary package

A cleaner in Poland earns an average of PLN 2,740 a month, which includes transportation, housing and other benefits. However, the pay may vary from one employer to another. In Poland, the number of cleaner jobs will increase by 40% by 2022. If you are interested in a career as a cleaner in the country, you should consider furthering your education. As a result, your pay will most likely rise over time.



Hourly rate

The median pay for a Cleaner job in Poland is PLN 2,740 per month. This is considered middle-wage income. However, starting salaries are much higher. As with many jobs, a higher education will increase compensation. The median pay for a Cleaner job in Poland is six percent below the national average.

According to the Polish government, a cleaner can earn around 16 PLN per hour. If you’re considering a career in this field, a higher education can help you earn more money in Poland.


Bonuses for cleaner jobs in Poland are relatively low. While there are a few exceptions, the average bonus is only around 4%. The reason behind this is that bonus rates tend to be tied to the economic situation of the country and region. Bonus figures are also often subject to change. In addition to that, cleaning and housekeeping jobs are low-bonus-based fields because their employees don’t generate a lot of revenue. Therefore, those who earn the highest bonuses are typically involved in the revenue generation process.

Job Requirement

CLEANER JOBS Poland View & Apply
CLEANER JOBS Poland View & Apply

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