Multiple Jobs in New Zealand 2022


Employment Trends and the Legality of Multiple Jobs in 2022

There is a high demand for skilled professionals in New Zealand. This is reflected in the influx of multi-job opportunities. However, the question is: can you legally work multiple jobs in New Zealand? This article will provide an overview of employment trends and the legality of working multiple jobs in New Zealand.

Job market forecast

In New Zealand, the multi-job market outlook for 2022 looks good. Despite the low unemployment rate, employers are facing increasing competition to find skilled workers. At the same time, workers are more aware of the type of career path they want and are able to better adapt to the predicted movement in the job market.

Skills in high demand

In the New Zealand labor market, certain skills and abilities are in high demand. Knowing what skills are in demand now can help you plan for your career path and ensure your employment in the future. It can also help employers determine how to address skills shortages in their workforce. The following is a list of some of the most in-demand skills in New Zealand. This list is continually updated to reflect the latest hiring trends and skills shortages.


There are many positions available in this field, including permanent and temporary positions. These positions require a range of qualifications and paperwork. Carpenters who have completed an apprenticeship can qualify for free employment until 2023. These positions require a high level of physical fitness, and some employers may even provide on-the-job training to help you learn the skills

Trends in employment

Employment trends in New Zealand in 2022 are expected to be positive. The low unemployment rate means workers will have better bargaining power. Furthermore, the shortage of skilled labor means the job market will remain highly competitive. Employers are able to address this shortage by adapting to the expected shift in worker preferences. For example, better work-life balance, greater autonomy, and
more opportunities for advancement will appeal to new employees. Moreover, workers will have a more clear understanding of their desired career path.

Legality of multiple jobs in New Zealand

Working multiple jobs is legal in New Zealand, as long as the conditions are right for both parties. An employer can restrict an employee from working for another employer, but they must have reasonable grounds for doing so. Fortunately, there are many benefits to working multiple jobs in New Zealand.

Impact of COVID pandemic on job market

The impact of the pandemic on the job market in New Zealand 2022 is estimated by analyzing statistics relating to the job market and incomes of New Zealanders. While the number of people receiving Jobseeker Support – Work Ready assistance is high, the unemployment rate remains low. The rapid evidence review aims to understand these trends in order to inform future decisions about the welfare and employment markets.

Job Requirement

Laundry Worker NZ View & Apply
Vegetable Production NZ View & Apply
Dairy Farm Workers NZ View & Apply
Farm Workers NZ View & Apply
Factory Workers NZ View & Apply
Plumber NZ View & Apply
Electrician NZ View & Apply
Cargo Handler NZ View & Apply
Family Caregiver NZ View & Apply
Cleaner NZ View & Apply
House Keeping NZ View & Apply
Security Guard NZ View & Apply
Garment Worker NZ View & Apply
Caregiver NZ View & Apply
Cook/Waiter NZ View & Apply
General Worker NZ View & Apply
Butcher Man NZ View & Apply
Office Boy/Girl NZ View & Apply
Storekeeper… NZ View & Apply
Driver NZ View & Apply


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