Cleaner Job in Canada 2022


Cleaner Job in Canada 2022

The median salary for a Cleaner job in Canada is thirty-four thousand dollars CAD per year. This means that half of all Cleaners make less than that amount, and half earn more than that. The median value represents the middle of the income distribution. Therefore, it is important to aim for the right side of this graph when you’re looking for a new job.

Aircraft cleaners perform maintenance and repairs on aircraft

A career as an aircraft cleaner will enable you to work in the aviation industry, maintaining aircraft’s interior and exterior surfaces. The duties of this job include cleaning and disinfecting cockpits and cabin floors, as well as washing and deodorizing airplanes. You will also need to manage people and equipment, and maintain deadlines and high quality standards.


They are multilingual

The AIRCRAFT CLEANER salary in Canada is $30,200 per year or $15 an hour. Entry level positions pay $26,300, while more experienced cleaners can earn up to $39,000 annually. Air Canada gives preference to multilingual prospects, with its pledge to diversity and inclusion, and plans to provide its cleaners with a rewarding work environment.

They are part time

If you are looking for a cleaning job in Canada, there are many options available. Companies are increasingly hiring cleaners to help them keep their properties fresh and clean. These positions can be full time or part time, and can be found in all kinds of establishments, including hotels, motels, and resorts. Other potential employers include hospitals, health care facilities, shopping facilities, and other institutions. The best option for foreign cleaners is to apply for these jobs through a recruitment
process, which requires careful application and waiting.

They earn $30,200 CAD per year

A Cleaner job in Canada earns a median salary of $23,600 CAD per year. Experienced employees can expect to earn up to 35,100 CAD. For those with less than two years of experience, the average salary is 17,800 CAD. If you have fifteen years of experience, the median salary jumps to $40,200 CAD per year.


They work in hotels

In Canada, there are numerous opportunities for Cleaner Jobs for Pakistanis. These jobs offer attractive salary package and are ideal for those who have no experience and education. Canada is a developed nation and is renowned for its hospitality. Many people are flocking to the country for a new job. In fact, many Pakistanis are already living there. If you want to join them, you must apply for the below job opportunities.

They are paid less than Cleaning and Housekeeping attendants

A cleaner’s responsibilities may involve maintaining glass surfaces and draperies, keeping the interior and exterior of an establishment clean, and tracking cleaning products. The position may also involve making sure necessary repairs or substitutes are made. In some cases, a cleaner’s duties may also include providing companionship to elderly individuals. These individuals might also provide bedside care, assist with personal hygiene or dressing, or prepare meals for individuals.

Job Requirement

Cleaner  Job CA View & Apply
Cleaner Job CA View & Apply


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